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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?

All across the US! How? We are a music studio specializing in convenient music lessons. We use specialized software to make online music lessons as seamless as in-person lessons, and have a select group of instructors available to travel to students' homes.

  • ​Why online music lessons?

We know that not everyone has access to quality music lessons either due to location or their selected instrument. Our aim is to bring music lessons into every home.

  • Why don't you do a free trial period?

Orpheus Academy does not offer a free trial. Our "First Time Student" trial month includes a built-in 30-day cancellation notice, offering you flexibility. This ensures that no recurring charges will apply should you decide not to continue with lessons beyond the trial month. Prompt payment of the tuition fee for lessons is still expected as this allows me (the owner) to pay my instructors for their time and expertise. 

  • Is there a long term contract?

No! We only ask that 30 day notice is given to allow the instructor to adequately prepare the ending series of lessons. So for example, if you decide to withdraw your student on February 1st, but inform Orpheus Academy on January 30th, February's tuition is still expected. Beginning in March, all charges will cease.

  • How do I know if Online Lessons are the right fit for me/my child?

We offer a free 15 minute zoom meeting to discuss tuition, goals, our lesson format, etc and to answer any additional questions you may have! To schedule, please email to set up the consultation call with Miss J (Owner/Instructor)​

  • What if my child isn't old enough for private lessons?

No worries! We offer fun, interactive group classes for children ages 3-6. These classes are specifically designed to foster a love of music through movement and group discussion.

  • Are all of your instructors qualified?

Yes! We have instructors who have trained extensively in their field, and have experience with both teaching and taking virtual lessons. 

  • Where can I see the instructor's schedule?

Please call 208-643-5103 to speak with Miss J, Orpheus Academy owner for the most up-to-date information on instructors' schedules.


Still have questions? Text us at 208-643-5103 for fastest response time, or message us on the chat!

Last edited: 2/7/2024

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