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Miss Nicki
  • I began playing piano at six. I have a passion for music and continued playing to play in the GMTA State Piano competition. After completing my degree at the University of Pennsylvania, I continued to play and teach. I have 20 years of teaching experience and love working with children. I use the Faber method (  for my beginning students. I enjoy working with children who are beginning to learn piano. My students range from age 4 to adults. 

  • I teach to share my passion of music. My students develop their ear, sight-reading, and comprehension. I work to create well-rounded students, sharpening their theory and expanding their musical skills. All of my students receive free access to the Piano Maestro app. I live in Santa Barbara.

  • *Teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Music

  • *Teacher with Piano Guild of America, American College of Musicians
    *California Teaching Credential

  • *Steinway Educational Partner (recitals and competitions held at Steinway)

  • *Steinway Teacher of the Year


In Home Piano Lessons (Ages 4+)

These lessons are ideal for the aspiring Pianist, or someone looking to ignite their love of music through the piano. Learn your favorite song, hand-eye coordination, and have fun!

Virtual Piano Lessons (Ages 4+)

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