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What Makes Us Different?

Don't have an instructor nearby? Look no further than Orpheus Academy's team of instructors!

Our goal is to provide fun and engaging lessons to students all across the US. So many people don't have access to quality music programs, so our aim is to bring music lessons to them.

With that mission in mind, Orpheus Academy's top notch team of instructors provide instruction to all levels, and work closely to bring your musical dreams to life!

We don't pre-record virtual lessons, everything is done live, and students have access to the Orpheus Academy app to ask questions throughout the week. Ongoing support is crucial to Orpheus Academy's promise of quality, personal music lessons.

A select group of instructors teach in-home lessons as well!

Online Piano Lessons

Miss Nicki was very patient and kind with my daughter. She was also fun and super understanding. My daughter was leery about learning the piano at first, but thanks to Miss Nicki, she can't wait for her next lesson!
Kaylyn R, Fl

Online Piano Lessons

My child has been taking virtual piano lessons for a year and a half, going from a complete novice to being excited about continuing to play during the week. We started during the pandemic since it was a virtual option and we plan on continuing even though we don’t need to stay virtual. My child is engaged throughout and there’s been a ton of progress.
Caroline S, CA

Online Voice Lessons

My daughter has been taking voice lessons for the past year and a half and she's learned to project her voice and is much more confident in school speeches. I highly recommend Orpheus Academy.
Manjit G, CA

Orpheus Academy is a music studio specializing in online and in-home lessons. Beginning in 2020, the landscape of musical learning changed dramatically. Our aim is to provide convenient, quality music lessons to students all across the world. Our instructors are college educated, and make online lessons as seamless as in-person lessons. 

Why Orpheus Academy

At Orpheus Academy, we firmly believe that music lessons should be accessible to everyone! So if we don't have an instructor in your area, we provide virtual lessons. If we do have an instructor available in your area, we will gladly travel to provide quality, in home lessons.

New! Introducing “Piano Pals”!
Specifically designed for PreK-Kindergarten learners.

Best sellers

2023 Winter Recital

Curious about what our Music Lessons offer? Check out our annual Recital, where our students impress audiences with their musical talents. This year, we hosted our first ever virtual recital, and it was a resounding success. We are proud of our students' hard work and dedication to their craft. Be sure to join us for future recitals!

Unleash Your Potential

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